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Before and After Photos

Dental Implant, Root Canal, and Crown Case

The patient lost one front tooth and fractured the other in a car accident. An implant was used to restore one tooth, while a root canal post, build-up, and crown were used to restore the other.

two front teeth that are missing and require supplementingBefore Treatment

a completed smile with normal front teethAfter Treatment

Removable Partial Denture Case

Veneer Case

The patient had veneers placed on the middle 4 top teeth in 2011. The after photo shows the veneers in October 2018, 7 years after placement.

Smile with misshapen teeth

Before Veneers

Beautiful smile after veneer placementVeneers 7 Years Later

Crown & Veneer Case

Patient did not like their front teeth. The right tooth was a crown that was larger than the left. A new crown was placed on the right tooth to re-size and position the tooth. The left tooth had a veneer placed to even the front teeth out.

Smile with uneven front teethBefore Crown & Veneer
Smile with even front teeth after crown and veneer placementAfter Crown & Veneer

Crown & Recontouring Case

Patient didn’t like the look of her upper and lower anterior teeth. She had braces for a short time and minor gum surgery on one tooth. We placed 4 crowns on upper teeth and recontoured the 2 lowers and added a little composite filling material to the edges. This was done in 2016.

decaying front tooth with discolorationBefore Crown
clean smile with normal colored teeth after crown placementAfter Crown 

Crown Case

Patient wanted to do something with his teeth not sure what he wanted, just wanted a new smile. Upper crowns were old and not esthetic anymore

mouth with crowns that have discolorationBefore Crown
clean bright smile after crown placementAfter Crown 

Free Hand Veneers Case

Stained teeth with a gapBefore Crown
Beautiful smile after crown placementAfter Crown 

Comparison of yellow teeth to bright white teeth after deep bleaching
A decayed tooth is restored with a tooth colored filling

A woman smiling before and after a crown is placed on her dental implant
Before and after a crown is placed on a dental implant

Crooked teeth transformed into a beautiful smile with crowns and veneers

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